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New Codes of Practice in Scotland Letting Agents Market

As part of the Letting Agent Code of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016, several developments are being put into place in order to implement safeguards and raise standards.

There are 2 steps to integrating the new regulation – the first is new statutory Code of Practice for letting agents which came into force on 31 January. In short, it’s about setting out acceptable service standards that letting agents must meet and gives tenants and landlords the ability to challenge poor practice by their agents. 

Following on from that will be the implementation of the Register of Letting Agents – where agents must have submitted their application by 1 October 2018.

We at Duncan McKenzie Property welcome the new regulations as a positive development for the letting industry. It paves the way for the very good letting agents to shine in their profession. Many agents, including our own Anne Duncan, have undertaken the relevant Letwell Training Certificate Level 3 as part of the requirement for meeting the Regulation of Letting Agents.

As your letting agent, we’re committed to delivering a top quality, professional service, and work hard to maintain not only the standards expected by government, but the high standards we expect of ourselves. 

Positive feedback

Dear Anne

I wanted to write to thank you for all your help and support over our recent refurbishment works at the flat. 
You know it had been on our minds for a while to make gradual improvements, but when the last tenancy came to an end it did seem like the best opportunity we’d have in a while – despite it being an exceptionally busy time for us, and for you.
Throughout it all, you maintained a calm and thorough approach and handled my numerous panic calls with such professionalism and empathy, I am truly grateful. As is the way with refurbs, one thing led to another, and you were always on hand to give advice, be a sounding board, or contact contractors as needed. 
Now the flat is finished, occupied again and we are absolutely delighted with the results. We feel that under your guidance, the flat has definitely benefitted by the works, appreciated in value, and offers a more comfortable, pleasant home to our new tenants. And we have full confidence that you will continue to ensure it’s kept to a good standard, so not only is our property working for us now, it feels like a more profitable prospect in the long term.
With sincere thanks for all your help and dedication,

Helping us help you

At Duncan McKenzie Property, we talk about the Property Triangle – that is that Landlord, Tenant and Property are cared for in equal measure.

  • For Landlords, we appreciate their trust in us to do the best by their property; for tenants, we want you to have value for money, and a decent place to live;
  • and for the properties themselves, we want them to enjoy the same care as we would give our own homes, and gain in value under our care.

Central to everything is piece of mind.

But it’s a partnership thing too. We depend on our tenants to let us know as soon as possible if something isn’t quite right; and we depend on our landlords to undertake maintenance from time to time.

We’re happy to say, this is something that works really well, so thank you to all and keep up the good communication!

Saving for a rainy day…

Do you notice how your insurance premiums seem to creep up year after year? Do you ever feel that loyalty doesn’t seem to pay? At Duncan McKenzie Property, we’d strongly encourage you to note your renewal dates and start shopping around a month in advance. If you don’t know where to start, please contact us. We are happy to offer impartial advice and can also put you in touch with suppliers and agents we know have done a good job for other clients. Rest assured we have your best interests at heart.

Money well spent

After a very busy run up to Christmas, we’re delighted that the new year has started well. For one landlord in particular, it was a case of all hands to the pump to get their property refurb completed on time for their new tenants after the holidays.

It’s a classic example of how a timely refresh can not only increase the value of the property, but also attract the right tenant, and in good time. The property is looking great, the new tenants are happy, and the landlord is happy. Job well done.

If you have a refurbishment in mind, we are on hand to advise – whether it’s on the extent of the project, or putting you in touch with suitable contractors or just to touch base. Give us a call to discuss your ideas.


New year, new start – new place?

If change is afoot, and you’re looking for somewhere new to live or to purchase, we at Duncan McKenzie Property would be happy to advise. We work closely with our landlords and tenants to ensure a happy property experience. We leave no stone unturned to ensure landlords are up to date on the correct legislation, that tenants are getting the service they’re paying for, and that the properties are maintained so there are no hidden surprises.

So if quality, dependability and openness are important to you, make us your next call, and we’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year, to all our landlords and Tenants.

We’ve had a busy 12 months, with new properties, and refurbishment projects, new legislation to deal with, and we’ve welcomed new staff on board. We’re looking forward to the next 12 months and wish you all a prosperous, happy and healthy new year.
With best wishes from the Duncan McKenzie Property Team!

Holiday Schedule

Our office will close on 22 December 2017 at 12.00 noon and will reopen on Monday 8th January 2018. Tenants are emailed separately of arrangements and emergency numbers to call if help is required during this time. Payments and statements will be sent out as usual on the Friday following your rental payment. Remember if you’re going to be away for an extended period please let us know asap.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas!

Safety First

A candle makes for a lovely cosy seasonal decoration, but keep safety to the forefront and use them with caution.

• Never Leave a Candle Unattended
• Use a Proper Candle Holder
• Always Use a Candle Snuffer
• Keep Burning Candles 3 Inches Apart
• Do Not Burn a Candle Down to Nothing
• Never Burn Candles on a window sill with curtain or blind
• Keep Burning Candles Away from Drafts

With LED candles becoming increasingly available, it’s easier than ever to get the cosy look and stay safe at the same time!