Boiler on the Blink?

There’s nothing nicer than coming in from the freeze to a cosy home. But how quickly that turns to misery when the boiler starts acting up…
Now winter has definitely arrived, and boilers will be working to full capacity. But what backup do you have if it breaks down? Invariably, it’ll be noticed on the weekend, or when you need it most. But it’s always more difficult to get these things sorted at that time rather than during the week.

Some properties have their boilers insured by landlords through Scottish Gas, and in those cases, it may be possible to get an engineer at the weekend. But for the most part, it will be Monday-Friday assistance.

So what do you do if the boiler in your property acts up?

1. We always ask if you suspect anything is not quite right, contact us first.
2. But if it’s gone beyond that point, and it’s just not working, particularly at the weekend when you have no other recourse, start by emailing the Agent/Manufacturer for further information. Some problems can be resolved over the phone. E.g. it may be a water pressure issue and they will be able to talk you through the process. Some digital boilers will display a Fault code and there may be information in the manual within the property, or the manufacturers may be able to help.
3. Please let us know. Leave a message at the Duncan McKenzie Office and we will deal with it on our return. At that point we can arrange a service engineer and the more information we can pass on, the more efficiently your situation can be dealt with.
4. While waiting, if it becomes very cold and you can’t get to somewhere warm, take precautionary measures – use an electric heater, wear thinner but many items of clothing, rather than 1 heavy layer to trap body heat, and make sure to have plenty of hot food and drink to stave off the deep chill until we can get your boiler fixed asap.