The dreaded black mould and how to deal with it

Now that the heatwave has passed, and the weather returns to our more normal Scottish summertime pattern, you might find yourself back indoors after the barbies…

Time for a little cleaning to put some sparkle and sheen back into your living quarters?

The problem is, without regular attention, particularly in the bath/shower area, nasties like black mould and scum can build up, eventually becoming almost impossible to get rid of.

Over the years, we’ve had great success with some standard supermarket finds and household hints and tips. We have found a wonderful spray product for silicone and grout – spray on, leave for 10 minutes, and wash off. Used once a week, it will prevent any mould from appearing and will remove it before it becomes a bigger issue. It’s as easy as that, and you can have clean white silicone and fresh tiles all the time.

So don’t leave it all until the inspection – for happier, healthier, calmer living, reach for the rubber gloves… or call us now for more information!