Electrical Installation Condition Report – 5 years

Electrical installations deteriorate over time and therefore the recommendation is that they should be inspected and tested every 3-5 years. In Scotland, the Electrical Installation Condition report is a statutory test that is required every 5 years for non-HMO properties.

Properties are assessed for wiring, fixed electrics and circuits. This includes sockets, light fittings, earthing, earth bonding, fuse boxes, wear and tear and warning notices.
The inspections are made by Select or NICIEC registered electricians who will report back in detail. Findings are graded and those declared unsatisfactory (Code 1 or 2 usually) must be addressed without delay to remove risks to those in the property.

If you are a landlord or tenant, and have any concerns over electrical safety in your property, please contact the Duncan McKenzie Property office now.