End of Tenancy Cleaning

There is a big difference between end of tenancy cleaning and just keeping the flat generally clean and tidy through the tenancy.  We try and prepare tenants for the enormity of the job but they very often don’t understand the length of time it all takes and if you have been living in a flat for 2 or 3 years or more the task becomes even more enormous.

Many tenants try and do this on their own and we find that we are still picking up on many areas that are missed at the end, such as woodwork on doors, skirting boards and tops of kitchen cabinets.

Very often it needs a professional company to do this.

After many years of being in the business and having issues with cheap cleaning companies, we use Dublcheck cleaning for a number of reasons:

  • Each job is priced taking into account fully the expected time.
  • The time they attribute to tasks are accurate.
  • They work to the cleaning checklist standards we give them and the tenant.  This ensures that pre tenancy and post tenancy cleans meet the same standards.
  • They do not charge for returning to deal with areas that are missed (which cheaper cleaning companies do and the cost ends up being more), and we can rely on them to come out at short notice between tenancies to ensure that cleaning is complete before the next tenant moves in.

Please ask us for details of the companies we use so that you can ensure your end of tenancy clean meets the required standards.