How does your garden grow?

As autumn grips the greenspace, it’s easy to forget that outside needs to be maintained too. But who’s responsible for what?

Your property pack will give specific information on your rental, but generally speaking, if your property comes with a private garden/outside space, you are responsible for maintaining that area to a reasonable level.  This generally means weed control and grass cutting.

If the grass needs to be cut, landlords should provide a working lawnmower, and basic garden tools, but tenants are expected to use them regularly.  Grass should not be left for weeks without cutting.   Hedges that are an accessible height should be kept trimmed.

On the other hand, if there are big trees that require pruning and require specialist help, contact us first since we may have agreed that your landlord is responsible for this.

If you’re a keen gardener and fancy remodeling or changing planting, contact us first too. But if you’re just happy to have an outside space to chill in, with the minimal input, you can relax soon – the growing season is almost over, so you should have a few months off… Enjoy the winter!