Shaping up for Summer

Maybe you’ve had your property a while, and your loyal tenant is comfortable to call it home. But what about your property value? Every so often, a spruce up can prove to be a worthwhile investment :

  • You’ll increase the rental value of your property;
  • You’ll improve your property’s market value;
  • and your property will be more attractive to potential tenants, or existing tenants, which will make for a much happier relationship all round
Photo 20

Before – nice but tired

After – bigger, brighter, better

We’ve carried out more than a few refurbs on behalf of our landlords over the years, so here are some top tips:

  1. Know your budget – will it be a quick refresh, a medium makeover, or a full on refurb? Remember to check with your accountant about tax implications.
  2. Keep things simple – remember it’s not for you, but you’re providing a blank canvas for tenants.
  3. Know your timescales – makeovers can be done quickly with good planning, so prepare in advance to minimise voids.
  4. Speak to your insurance company – your policy might be affected if property is unoccupiedetc.
  5. And speak to us at Duncan McKenzie Property – we can advise on safety considerations, how to tackle structural problems, and work closely with a tried and trusted trades team.

Our feature photo is of a recent property we refurbished for a new landlord. Before it came to us, it was renting for around £430/month. The simple makeover came in on budget, and included painting/decorating; some new kitchen equipment; new lighting; some new soft furnishing; and other minor upgrades around the flat.

Now rents for £626/month, with a very happy tenant proud to call it home.

And when better to start than in the bright, light days of a Scottish summer?!

See you next week!