Legionella Risk Assessment/Water Systems Review – Annual

This week’s safety spotlight is all about clean water…

Legionella is a water borne bacterium which can cause Legionnaire’s disease. Landlords are responsible for ensuring their properties are safe and therefore we undertake an annual review of water systems within the property.

The initial check is a risk assessment of the whole water system within the property. The resulting report shows the water tank, each water outlet shown, and any potential risks are highlighted, such as water storage. Recommendations for minimising risks are provided for the landlord, letting agent and tenant.

After the risk assessment, an annual water systems review will be carried out, which again checks the system and checks water temperatures at each outlet. Recommendations may be made at the water systems review as well depending on the findings.

Landlords should be aware that if plumbing is altered in any way, a new risk assessment must be done, even if the annual check has already been carried out.

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