One for Landlords

There’s a lot of talk about the gold in holiday lets. And there’s no doubt it looks tempting. If you’re trying to weigh up the long term v holiday let option, here are some considerations:

  1. With an agent managing a long term let, you are completely hands off – free to get on with life with no worries. At Duncan McKenzie Property we take care of everything – marketing, legal issues, deposits, maintenance, inspections etc. No more red-tape for you.
  2. Long term lets tend to run on a minimum occupancy – starting at 3 months… and tenants tend to stay for a considerably longer period if all is well with your property. This means you keep costs down with less remarketing admin, less maintenance and less paperwork.
  3. Know your tenant – with a long term let, tenant checks and references are standard, which gives you greater peace of mind that you know who’s going to be living in your property, with care.
  4. Handling fees – if you have an agency to manage your lets, handling fees on holiday properties will typically be greater than long term lets due to increased administration and letting turnover.
  5. Insurance – Insurers like to know a property is occupied. When there’s a high occupancy turnover, there may be times when the property is vacant for longer periods of time… and therefore a chance of greater expense.

At Duncan McKenzie Property, we understand the benefits of a long-term let as that’s our specialty. We hope this has given you some impartial food for thought. Contact us at any time for a no-obligation chat – and rest assured you’re in safe hands.