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Rub a Dub Dub

If you were to ask us what is the most frequent repair we encounter, without hesitation we’d say ‘washing machine’!

And it can sometimes take a few day s to get them repaired, which is invariably the exact time you need to run a laundry.

So here are some tips on washing machine etiquette and how to maintain a reliable washer:

  1. Empty your pockets – Coins and paperclips are the worst offenders for blocking a washing machine… and these sort of blockages are the responsibility of the tenant, so to avoid being out of pocket, empty your pockets.
  2. Take care of your machine – With lower temperature wash cycles, gunge can build up. So wash your washer every 2 or 3 months – a cup of vinegar in an empty machine on a hot wash cycle will leave them sparkly.
  3. Make friends with your instruction guide – For simple trouble shooting tips, this can save washloads of time and hassle.
  4. Don’t panic – sometimes the way the machines are installed call for specialist access. So if it doesn’t open easily, don’t worry – call us straight away and we’ll get it sorted.